About One Spoiled Cat

About One Spoiled Cat

We are passionate about cats. From the time I held the first kitten in my arms there was a connection.

Just like your cats, my cats are spoiled and I am always looking for cool cat products. Most websites cater to dogs, and cats are unfortunately an afterthought. I have spent hours wading through the cyber world searching for  unique cat products, and searching for information on breeders and shelters. As a result, I decided to create a resource for all cat lovers.


Why we do What we Do


Passion and education help to improve the lives of cats everyday and I wanted to be a part of that in my own little way.

Purpose: To connect people with resources and products that improve the quality of cats' lives.

Mission: To connect cat lovers and cats.

Vision: To create the largest directory and resource for ailurophiles.

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