Cat Veterinary Clinics

Cat Veterinary Clinics

We know visiting a veterinary clinic with your cat can be stressful.  Just getting your feline into a cage can be an adventure in itself. On top of this a car ride, barking dogs, and a new environment all contribute to the anxiety of your feline friend. A veterinarian specializing in felines can reduce anxiety.

cat veterinary clinics

Veterinarian examining a kitten

A cat-only or cat friendly veterinarian office setting may reduce stress. Vets with specialized training in felines gear their offices and medical equipment to treat and diagnosis illnesses more commonly found in cats. This allows them to give the best care possible to felines and to be very knowledgeable about conditions unique to cats.

Cats often "hide" their sicknesses. So, it is up to their human companion to notice any subtle changes in their behavior or eating habits. If an illness is suspected a visit to the vet is in order.

When a Vet Visit is in Order

Below are some common symptoms that signal a vet visit may be in order.  You know your cat and what is normal behavior. Take your cat to a vet if you suspect an illness.

  • Hiding. Some cats enjoy hiding, but if your cat is hiding more than usual this could implicate a problem.
  • Lack of grooming. Cats are fastidious. If your cat stops grooming, this is a red flag.
  • Not using the litter box. Inappropriate elimination is cause for a vet visit. Male cats are especially susceptible to urinary tract infections. If they have a blockage and do not receive immediate medical treatment they will die.
  • Loss of appetite or weight loss. Just a couple of days of not eating can result in feline hepatic lipidosis. Because of the unique way a cat's body metabolizes fat, this condition can result in liver failure.
  • Aggressive behavior. If your normally friendly feline is aggressive or biting and hissing, he may be experiencing pain.

Cat Friendly Versus Cat Vet

The listings on One Spoiled Cat are for clinics that cater to felines. There are certified cat-friendly veterinarian clinics  and veterinarians who specialize in felines and  only see cats in their practice. The only exception to this are the listings for low cost spay/ neuter programs.

One Spoiled Cat's directory includes more than 180 veterinarians who specialize in cats. Cat only vets are located throughout the world including in  the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Find a veterinarian near you specializing in the care of cats.

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