Reducing Cat Allergies

Reducing Cat Allergies

If you have a cat there is no denying you will need to deal with cat hair. Shedding cannot be prevented, but it can be reduced. Cat allergies are not triggered by the cat's hair, but rather by the cat's salivary glads and cat dander or dead skin.

Cat dander particles are smaller than dust mites. Between 2.5 to 10 microns, cat dander can become airborne. It is nearly impossible to completely eliminate cat dander. However, thankfully allergic reactions can be minimized.

Reducing Cat Allergies

Regular Grooming Can Help

How can cat allergies be minimized and shedding reduced?

1. Hard surface flooring in your home makes it easier to clean and can reduce allergens

2. Air purifier. Adding an air purifier can reduce pet dander. Cat dander has a micron between .2 - 10 microns, so keep this in mind when shopping for an air purifier. Air purifiers that "catch" cat dander particles can help alleviate allergies. Over the years we have purchased three different brands of air purifiers: Honeywell, RabbitAir, and Winix. We ended up installing a whole house purifier, an Airscrubber, and we have been very happy with this system.

3. Vacuum. Air particles eventually fall onto the floor or furniture. Regularly vacuuming can reduce allergens. With five cats in the house, I love Roomba. It is amazing the amount of cat hair this little machine picks up. It easily maneuvers under furniture and in the corners and saves me  a lot of time. Personally, I believe hard surface flooring is the most effective way to reduce allergens. They are so much easier to clean.

4. Grooming. Regular grooming can reduce dander and pet hair thus reducing allergens.

5. A healthy diet. Good quality food can reduce shedding in cats and keep their coats shiny and healthy.

6. Change your air filters regularly.