Inappropriate Cat Scratching

Inappropriate Cat Scratching


One of the top reasons people complain about cats is the damage they can do to furniture. Cats need to scratch and your furniture may often be their favorite thing to claw. This behavior cannot be eliminated, but it can be minimized.


Why is your cat tearing up your furniture?


It is not because they are little demons with fur, although sometimes it may feel like that. Cats have a physiological and psychological need to scratch and claw. In the wild, cats climb trees, sharpen their claws on a tree trunk.

Cat Scratching furniture

Cat scratching

What Can You Do About it?


There are several things you can do to minimize destructive cat scratching.

1. Trim your cat's nails. I find it works best to do when they are already in a relaxed mood, such as around nap time. Trimming their nails helps minimize unwanted damage to your furniture.

2. Provide an alternative to your furniture. Purchase or make a cat scratching post or cat tree where your cat can claw and scratch to their heart's content. These need to be in an area of the house the cat hangs out in, putting it in a back room they never use will not encourage your feline to scratch on the post. All of our cats love sisal rope, however, two of them prefer the natural solid wood post.

3. Protect your furniture.